Air Horns features companies that supply air horns that relate to the international regulations regarding sound signal appliances for marine vessels. The site lists manufacturers of marine air horns suitable for Superyachts. All marine vessels must carry an air horn under the 1972 International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, Annex III and relevant to it's designated class. A superyacht’s air horn must be capable of emitting 130 dB and have a range of 1 nautical mile. The air horns on Superyachts are more often than not, the best that money can buy and renowned horn manufacturers produce stunning horn combinations that will satisfy any proud owners needs with as many as six horns being combined on any one platform. There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful yacht, only to hear a pitiful blast from its horns. A vessels horns really are the voice of the vessel.


IMO Certified for yachts up to 200 Meters in length ...
IMO Certified for yachts up to 200 Meters in length, Kahlenberg sound signals have developed a worldwide reputation ...
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